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Fun Cooking Class Using Locally Sourced Ingredients

By: Susanti, Grade 9 Bunga School

At the end of the semester, a group of us represented all students in our school in an end-of-semester cooking assessment, using locally sourced ingredients with high nutritional value. The ingredients were: edible ferns, cassava leaves, banana stems, coconut and kitchen spices of garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric, galangal, and salt. In addition to cooking vegetables, we also fried jackfruit, after dipping in a batter of flour and young coconut ice.

After the cooking process was over, we received an assessment from the teacher, then ate this delicious food together and asked for input from other friends about the taste of the dish.

I feel very happy with this activity, because through this cooperation I can find out about simple and nutritious ways of cooking.

This cooking project was a very positive and rewarding experience for us to improve daily life skills, develop students' creativity, understanding nutrition and work together in school. This activity in addition to creating a fun experience, can also educate students about the importance of utilizing local resources sustainably and improving health.

Hopefully this activity can continue in the future, to help enrich the learning experience and create valuable memories for all participants.

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