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Md Suarjana, EBPP Education Program Coordinator

We believe that the teaching and learning process must create a pleasant and non-stressful atmosphere and that teachers need to always arrange activities that increase students’ enthusiasm for learning, some examples outlined below

EBPP students particularly like the activity of "telling good things that have been done at home," where they share their good deeds after getting up, which is also beneficial for improving literacy indirectly.

Our "Short Group Project" has been a success in encouraging student cooperation and engagement, where small groups successfully complete short tasks, strengthen collaborative skills and makie room for creativity, as well as sharing ideas and formulating personal goals, providing a clear direction for the learning journey.

We also find that learning using "Simple games" can create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, be entertaining and strengthen student interaction.

Student participation in such activities reflects the spirit of learning and active involvement, creating a positive atmosphere and making learning Fun!



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