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Gender, Child Marriage, and Environmental Challenges Projects’ Presentations

Ariani, Grade XI, Pengalusan School

On 20 February, my friends and I gave a presentation to our parents and Pengalusan community on three of our creative projects’ topics, namely Gender, Child Marriage, and Waste Management. These topics were selected as they relate to everyday life in our village.


The purpose of our presentation was to draw the villagers’ attention to various issues and problems in our community and the consequences if these issues are not addressed very soon. My group focused on gender inequality within family life in our village, where many still differentiate between the rights of girls and boys. Another team addressed the issue of preventing child marriages and raising awareness about the dangers of marrying at a young age. The third team focused on environmental concerns, particularly waste management, as our rural location has recently faced pollution due to scattered waste in the village and households, leading to environmental degradation and health issues.


Our hope is that in the future, the problems and issues in our village can be resolved. Despite our initial nervousness, the presentations went smoothly, and it was a memorable experience. All the parents present listened attentively, and some even provided feedback on our presentation.


After completing the presentation, we felt relieved and proud to see the results of our hard work. We plan to upload our projects on our social media, further motivating us to continue advocating for the issues in our village.

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