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Good Feelings at the End of 2023

By: Soma-Asih, Grade 11, EBPP Bunga School

In December 2023, I was selected to be the MC for EBPP students’ performances at The Shanti Foundation’s annual anniversary event, held at Shanti Wellness Centre on Jl Drupadi in Seminyak. At first, I was hesitant about the task, but after two weeks of practice I felt ready to perform in public.

The event location was quite far from my home, so I had to wake up at 3:00 am to prepare. The teachers asked all students to gather at EBPP Ban office at 5:30 am to pray together and have breakfast before leaving. When I arrived, everybody was excited, and we left by bus at 06:00, accompanied by 5 teachers.

After the four-hour drive to Seminyak and a short break, the event started. I felt nervous in front of the audience as it was my first time to be an MC; calm soon came, and the entertainment began. EBPP students’ first performance, a stunning drama, called “Save our Earth”, drew loud cheers from the audience, followed by Poems expressing gratitude and uplifting songs complete the event.

Time flew by, and after the stage performances, Shanti put on other events such as magic shows and games. Meeting former EBPP students who received Shanti Foundation tertiary education scholarships inspired me, and I hope to follow in their footsteps through education. Apart from feeling very satisfactied as an MC who can entertain the audience, meeting with EBPP Alumni who are successful through Education, motivates me to passionately fight for a better future.

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