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Grateful for EBPP: My Journey to Graduation

By: I Wayan Doyok, EBPP Darmaji 12th grade student

Hello everyone, my name is I Wayan Doyok from Darmaji School. I want to say thank you to East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) for helping me graduated as high school student this year especially for the donor, Ganesha Foundation (, USA. I am so happy and proud getting this opportunity. No proper words I can say for describing my feeling spending my 12 years in EBPP as a student, from Elementary school till high school to get proper education like other children get. Academic lesson is not the only one I get from this foundation but also the affection I build for all those years studying here.

I want to say thank you too to all teachers of EBPP. I am so amazed of how their enthusiasm never faded teaching us from time to time. EBPP give me chance to have a hope too for dreaming for a better future.

EBPP Foundation has also helped me to get my education in university by finding me a sponsor, The Shanti Foundation (; that means a lot for me to have brighter future. I can see that EBPP has great purpose so that me and other students can be succeeding in the future.

I cannot give anything in return for now to this foundation, but I will do my best to make them proud of me and to make sure that their effort will never be wasted on me and also, again, my sincere appreciation.

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