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By: Lestari, Manikaji School 10th grade student

School is my opportunity to learn for a better future, but every day before going to school, I help my family find fodder for our cows, collect firewood for cooking, etc.

I love all learning activities at school so I arrive at 8am, and before class starts, my friends and I clean the environment from plastic waste and pray together.

The academic subject that I like best is Economics, because it will help me after graduation to study business. In our extracurricular EMpower youth empowerment lessons, which we have once-a-week at school we learn about reproductive health, gender equality, sexual harassment, leadership, computers and other important life skills.

In addition, we also learn Photovoices activities where I learned how to conduct interviews with my community, greening our mountain environment, researching existing problems, then documenting through photos, and making presentations in front of the community and the government - with the hope that every problem will find a solution!

At school we learn and practice the permaculture system! I really like this because I learn about the basics of agriculture systems that are appropriate for our surrounding environment. Currently, I have learned about tillage, making terraces to conserve rainwater water, making natural compost, and planting Vetiver grass, various types of vegetables and trees. Next, I will apply the knowledge that I learned to my own land and to other communities.

I would like to thank all the donors who have helped, and I hope that all these activities can continue, so that later I, my friends, and my underclassmen can continue school until they graduate, and can achieve their dreams.

This week, EBPP is holding a fundraising campaign through GlobalGiving’s Little by Little. If you want to help us, click on the link: Thank You

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