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Improving English and Fostering Creativity: English Club Experience

On 10 May, Santi and I once again joined the EBPP English Club and had another engaging session with the students and their teachers. Two students arrived late, and we decided on an ‘educational’ punishment: they had to sing the song they had prepared in class for National Education Day on 2 May. The students impressed us with their performance, and we proceeded with our guest teacher session.

The first part focused on giving feedback on their performance on National Education Day. The teachers, Ms Nova and Ms Dita, did a great job of helping their students improve their English while developing their artistic sensibilities. In the second part, the students had to ask for directions to find places in a city using maps. Santi and I both modified the exercise to challenge our groups. I blindfolded myself and asked the students to guide me to a point using English. We had a lot of fun, and the girls quickly memorized the necessary vocabulary. Santi’s group designed a more complex city with roundabouts, blocked roads, and intersections, and we turned it into a competition, with points for success.

For the last part, we played Scrabble in groups, and the students played the game in great spirits. Beyond allowing the students to improve their English, the EBPP English Club succeeded in giving them a desire to learn and express themselves creatively.

We can’t wait to come back for the next session!

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