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Improving English language skills through drama projects

Indriani, EBPP English teacher

In today's era of globalization, mastery of English has become one of the keys to success in the world of education and professionals. One of the innovative approaches that we use to address this challenge in our schools is English-language drama projects. This method has gained popularity due to its effectiveness in improving students' English conversational abilities. In this project, every student that I teach from different classes is invited to get involved, ensuring equitable participation.


The main objective of these drama projects is to provide students with more opportunities to practice their speaking skills and increase their confidence in using foreign languages. The impact is noteworthy, with many students significant improving their academic performance, especially, their confidence in speaking English due to being actively involved in dialogue and performance.


Additionally, students reported on the expansion of their vocabulary through this drama project by incorporating words and phrases learned from drama into their daily conversations. Thus, English-language drama projects have paved the way for meaningful improvements in students' mastery of English as well as increasing their confidence in facing challenges in communicating.


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