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By: NI PUTU NOVA AGUSTIARI, EBPP counselling teacher

The activities of playing, singing, and dancing are very enjoyable for elementary students, and as their School Counsellor, I see enthusiasm and a strong desire for students to learn in a fun way.

Knowing that they are interested in music and other fun activities to keep their attention, it’s great to see them improving their read, listening and writing in the form of songs and music videos designed for children. In this activity they are able to interact with their friends and enjoy singing sessions together.

This activity aims to improve elementary school students’ literacy skills as they are currently still exploring and learning through their environment. We’ve successfully applied this method at EBPP schools, resulting in good literacy progress.

I routinely give these fun learning sessions to students at the beginning of their counselling classes, so that they get used to moving and remembering these songs. Hopefully with this method, students can be more motivated and interested in learning.

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