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Iron Supplement Distribution: Ensuring Health for Future Generations

Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

On 13 February, 2024, in collaboration with local health centre, we initiated the anaemia prevention program for young girls at the EBPP school. The program targeted 56 middle and high school girls, providing them with essential blood supplements containing iron and folic acid, following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation. This proactive approach aims to prevent malnutrition in infants by addressing anaemia in young women early on.


We gave each female student 5 iron supplement tablets to take weekly for 5 weeks, accompanied by educational awareness outreach to highlight the importance of these supplements, which not only  help prevent anaemia, but they also offer additional benefits such as improving memory and learning abilities, enhancing nutritional and health status, and reducing the risk of giving birth to stunted or low birth weight babies in the future.


Our female students were enthusiastic about this initiative, recognizing it as a crucial step towards improving their health and breaking the cycle of malnutrition. They are hopeful that by consuming these supplements, they can improve their overall health and well-being, ensuring healthier outcomes for their future children.



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