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Learning English Together with The English Club

By Soma, Grade 10, EBPP Bunga School

I’m so happy because recently EBPP just opened an English Club! I have been waiting for this because I am really interested in learning English. In my opinion, learning English not only helps me to communicate with people around the world but is also important to improve the quality of tourism in Bali. Besides, I also have a big dream to work aboard a cruise ship someday!

In this English club, we have done a lot of activities that could improve our skills in English. For example, we practice listening from several sources like audio, songs, and even YouTube video. It was quite challenging for me since I wasn’t used to listening to native English speakers. We also practice speaking a lot. We started from the basics such as practicing introducing ourselves in English and also telling about our daily activities at home. We also usually played some games at the end of the activity!

I enjoy learning in this English club because I can meet other friends from different EBPP schools and we work together to improve our English. I also feel more confident in speaking English with the help from my teachers. I hope someday I can be more proficient in English so that I could achieve my dream.

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