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Learning is Fun with EBPP English Club

I Nengah Merdekawati, EBPP English Teacher

Continuing the journey of learning English with the EBPP English Club and its mentors is an absolute blast! Every Tuesday, members eagerly gather to explore the language in engaging ways, especially during our lively game sessions where points are earned and tallied. Their dedication to progress drives them to prepare diligently before each class. Before diving into the main content, we kick things off with icebreakers related to past lessons, igniting friendly competition as we vie for points.

In each English Club session, students encounter a range of topics aimed at broadening their vocabulary with unfamiliar words. They take part in enjoyable drills through a variety of games tailored to the theme. For example, in a recent session, an icebreaker involved guessing missing song lyrics to hone listening skills and word identification within songs. Moreover, they participated in word relays to gauge their grasp of vocabulary provided by the teacher and whispered words to ensure accurate message conveyance.


These activities are greatly cherished by students as they not only deepen their comprehension of lessons but also infuse learning with fun. Consequently, they eagerly anticipate each English Club meeting, wholeheartedly embracing the diverse learning opportunities and activities it offers.


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