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Learning Statistics is Fun!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

By: Ponirin, EBPP Mathematics Teacher

Besides learning theories from textbooks, I always encourage my students to apply their knowledge to practice. For example, in the mathematics class, the grade 12 students learned about statistics. In this activity, they got to know more about conducting research, collecting data, then analysing it by themselves.

The topics of the students’ research were varied. Most of them discussed the problems they found around them, such as comparing the market price for their livestock or the estimations of the harvesting season of their farm. After gathering the data, the students had to analyse it and then transformed it into a creative PowerPoint. They also had to present it in front of their friends!

I’m happy to see my students could utilize the statistical theory they learned to analyse the issues they found in their everyday life. Hopefully, this experience could not only strengthen their competence in maths but also improve their public speaking and critical thinking skills.

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