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Learning to Create a Video from Content Creators

By: Peri, grade 10, EBPP Manikaji School

In this week’s EMpower class, we had guest content-creator teachers, Bagas and Reza, who shared their experiences working on social media to teach us how to develop and execute ideas into creative videos/content for social media, especially Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, to share their sitcoms.

They explained how to transform ideas into creative content using simple methods such as: (i) determining the topics and genre, (ii) brainstorming the related concerns/situations using the “what if” method, and (iii) writing the script. Before executing the video, we divided our tasks as either the models, cameramen or director. I got the task as the cameraman because I wasn’t confident to be the model.

We focused on our damaged road issue as it’s one of the main issues of our campaign. Working on the video shooting was not as easy as it looked. We had to repeat several scenes to get the best shot, especially since the models were nervous and frequently forgot the dialogue. Luckily, Bagas and Reza guided us on how to hold the camera and find the best angle, place the model and act properly.

After finishing shooting, we returned to the classroom to edit using the smartphone application. Surprisingly, the video that we spent about an hour shooting became only about 20 seconds. We learned that creating a video was not as short as watching it. It was full of struggles and needed a lot of patience, but we were excited and enjoyed it. We still need a lot of practice but we were satisfied with the result. Now, we are confident to create the campaign video of the issues we’re working on and hopefully can get bigger support through social media. Wish us luck!

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