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Limitless Painting Creativity

By: Wayan Kariastawa, EBPP Art teacher

Students who study artistic activities not only build artistic skills; they also develop their own creativity. The process of painting activities begins with sketching using HB pencils, which is then followed by the use of acrylic paint to give color to the artwork. The media used are canvas, watercolors, drawing paper and colored pencils.

Once the sketch is created, they start coloring. They focus on gradation, which is an important step, creating a lighting effect that amplifies the depth of the image. Even with limited resources, art activities provide creative moments that students look forward to. This not only provides a platform for the development of artistic talent, but also trains students in critical thinking and problem-solving.

With a spirit of curiosity and a spirit of continuous development, the students showed progress in painting and they also proved that creativity can flourish even within limitations. Through a shared effort and external support, both EBPP students and teachers hope that this art activity will continue to be a field of talent discovery and expression among students.

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