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Literacy Activity: Making Special Letters for Families

Ni Putu Nova Agustiari, School Counsellor

Our elementary school students have many opportunities to explore and benefit from their mountain surroundings, using various interesting and fun learning methods to practice their literacy skills.

One of them is by writing simple sentences and giving their families a nice surprise. As elementary school classes are the foundation for developing students’ literacy skills, in last week’s class I held a session on creating special and beautiful letters for their families at home, in a fun and interesting way for students to be creative with origami paper, make stories and even express love for their families.

This activity is fun for students because they can draw pictures, attach stickers to write expressions of gratitude for their parents and other creative ideas they have. I hope that through this activity, it will be easier for students to express their gratitude to their parents, and with activities like this, it will be an easier and more fun for students to practice their literacy skills.

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