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Making Science Classes Fun through Games

By: I Nengah Edi Catra, EBPP Science Teacher

Being able to put smiles on students’ faces during science class is very satisfying for me. In order to achieve that I use various games during my lesson. Let’s take triple applause as an example of a game I used this time: the students take turns in counting and students who get numbers of multiple threes (3, 6 etc.) have to stay quiet and only clap their hands. To make the games more exciting I will randomly point to a student to start the game. Those who counted incorrectly will be asked a question related to the science topic they’ve just learnt.

This game makes the science lesson more joyful fun. The class turned to be very lively because all students actively participated in the game - and the lesson topic. They could freely interact with their peers as well as teacher so the bond between all the class members could be strengthened. Besides, this game could also be used as a reinforcement to make the students understand and memorized the lessons better.

I hope this teaching strategy that I apply can help the students to improve their motivation to learn more about science.

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