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Malnutrition Study: Body Image Concepts & Measuring BMI

By: I Wayan Darsana, Asst Health Team Leader

Each weekend from 13 May to 6 June, we conducted the second phase of Peer Education workshops with 76 adolescent girls from 14 Ban Village hamlets as part of 4th year Malnutrition Study Program to develop ‘family-based nutrition intervention’ in Ban Village.

During the workshop, the girls learned about the “Body Image Concept” which aims to provide an understanding that everyone has a different body shape so that later they can develop self-esteem towards their body shape. They also learn how to measure BMI (Body Mass Index) to find out their ideal body shape and know their nutritional intake needs based on the results of BMI measurements.

We hope that this session will help the adolescent females to build self-confidence about their body shape and avoid unhealthy extreme dieting practices, thus preventing them from nutritional problems during adolescence as the preparation for better future generations.

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