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Manikaji School Roof Renovation: Thank You for Your Wonderful Support!

We are excited to report that the renovation of the Manikaji School is complete and our 68 Manikaji School students returned to their classrooms on 16th January.

“Thank God we finished Manikaji School roof this morning before the torrential rain poured down!” said Komang Kurniawan, when he called me at midday on Tuesday.

The Manikaji School was seriously damaged by hurricane-force winds on 2 January, while all our students were fortunately still off for their end of year short holiday!

Thank you once again for your fantastic support, which enabled our Manikaji students and parents to work intensively from 9th January, ensuring that the school classes could start with minimum delay at the start of this new semester.

We couldn’t have done it without You!

Manikaji students can now continue learning in safe classrooms.

Please consider supporting integrated education for our students in 2023.

· Donate via bank transfer:

Bank: BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia)

Branch: Jl. Kamboja Denpasar, Bali

Account number: 0055 295 647


Swift code: BNI NI DJA RNN

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