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My impression of taking the Equality Education exam

By: Darmayanti, 9th Grade Student, EBPP Bunga School

Today was a very challenging day for me because I was facing the equivalence education exam (UPK) at the junior high school level. On this occasion, the knowledge that I have gained after approximately 3 years of studying at the junior high school level will be tested. Because this exam is the determinant of my graduation, I have to focus on getting the best results. Starting on April 25-27 2022, I took the Equality Education exam at EBPP’s Ban office.

After finishing exams, I felt very happy even though there were some difficult questions, but this did not reduce my enthusiasm to get the best marks.

Hopefully, the results will meet my expected value target so that I can become the best graduate and can continue my education to the senior high level!

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