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My Report Card Journey and Winning Moments

By: Lisa, 9th Grade, EBPP Darmaji school

On December 15th, EBPP teachers handed out report cards to all students. I felt anxious as I was about to see the results of my hard work over the past six months. However, my anxiety turned into joy when I realized that the teachers had also invited our parents to attend the event.

Before the report card distribution, we had a session of discussion and sharing between teachers and parents. We talked about the activities involving parents and the progress of the students. The goal was to strengthen the partnership between students, parents, and teachers.

After the sharing session, the report cards were finally distributed to all students. I was satisfied with my marks this semester, especially when I received a certificate of appreciation as the winner of the gender equality poster competition. Happiness and pride filled my heart.

I want to express my gratitude to the EBPP teachers and my parents; this achievement is a result of the hard work of the EBPP teachers and the continuous support from my parents.

I hope that my success can inspire other students to study diligently and develop their ideas. Let us all cultivate a love for learning so that we can achieve proud accomplishments together.

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