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Navigating Challenges: Parental Strategies for Planning Children's Education

Navigating Challenges: Parental Strategies for Planning Children's Education

From May 15-17, 2024, we held the 5th parental engagement activity as one of the EMpower extracurricular modules for parents of students in grades 7-12 from all EBPP schools, focused on discussing their 'children's education plans.

One of the activities was a handicraft session where parents could create Hindu worship offerings and weaves from coconut leaves that could be used as roofs or mats, intended to strengthen the bond between parents while providing them with tangible items to use at home.

Our goal in this activity was to foster an environment conducive to open discussion among parents, students, and facilitators, intended to strengthen parental involvement in their children's educational journey, with one parent saying "I strongly support my child's education, but I am worried about the continuation of their education after graduating from EBPP school due to our financial situation. So, we are trying to make alternative plans for them to take short courses related to tourism and hope our child can work abroad following in their cousin's footsteps who already work abroad in hospitality industry."

We gave them information regarding short courses in Bali that partner with EBPP schools, such as ROLE Foundation’s Bali Wise, which provides free hospitality training for female high school graduates, as well as nearby training centres that provide courses for working in Japan in sectors such as such as agricultural and factories, etc.

We hope that through this activity, parents can better understand the education plans being implemented at EBPP schools and receive reinforcement and advice regarding the challenges they face related to their children's education and future.

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