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New Spirit, New Semester - More Students Pursue Their Dreams

By: Md Suarjana, EBPP Education coordinator

The end of semester holidays is over, and EBPP students started their learning journey again in the new semester on 10 July. We enrolled a total of 46 new students this year, comprising 12 elementary, 27 junior high, and 7 in senior high school, after they all took numeracy and literacy tests to measure their reading, writing and arithmetic abilities.

The first activity was an introduction to the environment and school rules for new students, as well as cleaning and arranging classrooms. The students welcomed the new school year with great enthusiasm and cannot wait to share stories about their fun school holidays.

EBPP students’ fighting spirit is inspiring; they never give up despite facing limitations, because they realize that education is the key to achieving their goals.

In facing challenges in the world of education, EBPP students are committed to continuing to learn, develop, and give their best. Through this learning process, they believe they will carve out a bright future.

The teachers and staff at EBPP are always very enthusiastic about accompanying these new students by providing the best education and supporting them in every step of their academic journey.

Let us joint together to provide full support for EBPP students to keep moving forward, illuminating the path to brighter goals. Education is the most valuable investment to open the doors to a better future.

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