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Nurturing Talent Through Extracurricular Music Sessions

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

By I Nengah Edi Catra, EBPP Music Teacher

We introduced extracurricular music classes at all EBPP schools in 2009, to increase student’s skills in music by enabling them to apply their creativity and develop their talents.

Beyond the classroom walls, our students at EBPP are embracing the world of melodies and rhythms with our Music Extracurricular. Guiding them through guitar chords, percussion beats, vocal harmonies, and more, we’re not just teaching music - we’re fostering creativity and teamwork.

Witnessing their growth, as EBPP’s music teacher, is a source of immense pride, especially when they take the stage on National Education Day, Independence Day, and other events. Our talented students are composing their own tunes, each note a testament to their dedication. Together, we’re creating a generation that shines with confidence and skill.

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