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Parental Engagement: Building Stronger Bonds and Successful Futures

By: Widiyasri Lodu, Youth Empowerment Facilitator

Parental engagement, by actively involving parents in their child's education, promotes academic success, positive behavior, communication skills, and holistic development. The Youth Empowerment team organized a 4-day parent engagement activity with the cultural practice of making offerings together from October 17th to 20th in four EBPP Schools: Bunga, Manikaji, Pengalusan, and Darmaji.

During the activity, parents expressed strong support for their children's education, aiming to provide opportunities they may not have had due to limited access to higher education. Some parents, however, expressed concerns about their financial situation and a few saw early marriage as a solution for economic betterment.

Communication between children and parents was warm, with children listening to their parents’ aspirations and in turn sharing their career aspirations, such as becoming doctors, nurses, hotel employees, or working abroad. The offering-making activity created a relaxed atmosphere, facilitating open communication between parents, teachers, and students. It also allowed children to learn cultural skills from their parents.

This initiative aims to build effective communication and unite perspectives in supporting children to complete their education.

We hope that through these exams, students can practice their abilities in answering various types of questions related to the material they have studied and that this process supports teachers' efforts to improve the quality of teaching and ensure that every student receives effective and quality learning.

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