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Preparations for EBPP National Education Day Event

Indriani, English Teacher.

National Education Day (Hardiknas), which falls on 2nd May each year, is a special day for commemorating the birth of Ki Hajar Dewantara, a pioneer of education in Indonesia. EBPP celebrates National Education Day by organizing various activities including commemorative ceremonies and a variety of artistic performances, including drama, music, poetry, and engaging competitions such as chess, quiz contest, debates, etc. with student of all EBPP schools.

Our teachers work with students from each school to prepare performances that they have practiced to ‘perfection’ during the last few weeks. For example, as a secondary level English teacher and also the coordinator of the English Club, I guide students to present English songs, and two selected students to recite poetry. Other teachers also participate in preparing for this event: such as Pak Edi, our music teacher, and Mr Po, who coach students for their music performance; Ms Eka our senior English teacher, who trains students in drama and poetry. Their enthusiasm and spirit during rehearsals for their National Education Day performances are a joy to watch. This not only provides them with valuable experiences to hone their artistic skills, but also enhances a sense of camaraderie and spirit in the world of education.

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