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Preparing and Excited for the Performance

By: Puspa, Grade 9, EBPP Pengalusan School

Hi, I'm Puspa, I want to share our excitement as we prepare for our upcoming annual performance at the Bali Shanti Foundation's anniversary event on December 21st. Each year, EBPP students are invited to bring some entertainment to the celebration.

We will be presenting a mix of songs, poems, and a drama entitled "Save our Earth," collaborating with “Genjek” (Balinese traditional music art) show. I play the guitar in my school's music group, and it's awesome to be part of this since only a few students get to be chosen to perform.

We have picked two popular songs, "Something Just Like This" and "Beautiful Day," and we are currently learning the chords, mastering the lyrics, and melodies. With guidance from pak Edi, our music teacher, we're creating our own musical style.

In the days ahead, we'll keep practicing to ensure that our performance at Shanti is not just good but outstanding! Looking forward, I hope the Shanti Foundation and others will offer us  scholarship as a few friends and I hope to graduate high school and would like to continue our studies to university. Thank you

Students were highly enthusiastic about working on this personal project-themed exam. As their computer teacher, I hope that this personal project will enhance their creativity using the skills and imagination they possess.

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