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By: Lisa, Grade 8, EBPP Darmaji School

The 2nd of May is remarkable as Indonesian National Education Day because EBPP Schools hold several activities and competitions. This year, I felt honoured because I was chosen to represent EBPP Darmaji School for the academic quiz competition for the middle school level.

As preparation, I studied every day by reviewing the materials that our teachers had taught us and found some more resources on the internet. On the day of the competition, I was so excited because it was a new experience for me! My partner and I worked extra hard in collecting points by answering questions by questions given by the teachers. Hard work pays off. At the end of the competition, it was announced that I am the winner of the academic quiz competition for the middle school level!

I felt so grateful because I could bring victory to EBPP Darmaji School. I am also thankful for all my friends who trusted me to participate in this competition. Hopefully, next year’s national education day celebration could have many more exciting activities.

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