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Public Speaking, An Important Skill for Students’ Futures

By I Made Suarjana, Education Team Leader

Public speaking is an important skill that should be mastered by students. However, not all students find this easy. There are some aspects that could restrain the students from improving their speaking skills such as a one-way teaching method, or the lack of opportunity for them to speak up and express their opinion in class. Hence, to avoid this problem, the EBPP teachers have structured learning activities to generate the students’ involvement and participation.

All our teachers choose project-based activities which require the students to analyse problems and find solutions by themselves. They could use some resources during this process such as relevant blogs, or videos on the internet and also books in their library. After that, the students have to present the results of their work in front of the class. Even though it was hard for the students at first, with guidance from the teachers and with some trial and error they showed good improvement, becoming more active and creative, and displaying good self-confidence. The other good impact of this teaching method is that the students understand the materials better.

I hope that, with the skills they learn in school, EBPP students could have the courage to step up to the next level of education in university later so that they can have brighter futures.

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