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Sharing Ban village issues with Bali Sruti

Darmayanti, Grade 11, Bunga Student

On July 4th, my friends and I in the EMpowher social media campaigns program visited Bali Sruti to share about the issues we had found in the village that we created in last year’s creative projects module and invite their collaboration on the issues we are campaigning for, including ‘Stop Child Marriage’.

When presenting our project, I was very happy to get the experience of sharing the activities we had worked on at school with Mrs. Luh Riniti (Bali Sruti) and Mrs. Luh Anggreni from Apik Legal Aid Foundation, especially during our first visit, when they also explained about Bali Sruti’s activities and the people involved. I was excited to meet strong women, who really motivated me to always be passionate with my studies and projects, never give up and keep pursuing my goals, in the knowledge women can be successful in any career path, as in Bali Sruti’s.

When Mrs Luh Riniti asked me about my future dream, I told her I dreamed of becoming a doctor or health worker because in my village it’s difficult and far away to access health care. They were touched and convinced me that I could.

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