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Sharing our Creative Project Campaign with FAD Karangasem

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Soma-Asih, Grade 11, Bunga School

On July 16th, my friends and I visited FAD Karangasem (Children’s Regional Forum, Karangasem) to share our EMpowher Program Campaign about our creative projects about some issue and opportunities we found in Ban Village, through presentation, documenter films, music videos and infographics. This visit aimed to engage youth organizations which have the same concern with the creative project we brought up.

The FAD members were amazed with the projects we created and presented. They said they never made films that cover the crucial problem like child marriage and damaged roads and then presented to the government.

Besides that, they were also very enthusiastic to share their experiences and their struggles in their study and school and how those experiences shaped who they are now. After visiting FAD, I feel very motivated to continue studying, and participating in all existing programs in EBPP, as they are eager to join FAD and gain experience within.

My hope is that in the future we can do collaboration to eradicate child marriage in Karangasem, especially in Ban village.

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