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Skill Enrichment through Video and photography training

Reni, Grade X, Darmaji School

On 12 January, as part of our EMpower Creative Projects class we were given intensive training classes in new  video and photography techniques from a videographer and photographer from Karangasem. During the training session, we gained a deep understanding of various important concepts, such as script composition for videos, the use of gridlines, camera angles, camera movements, slow-motion techniques, video editing, cutting and transitions, as well as the use of music and sound effects. What was even more impressive is that we were given the opportunity to directly try and apply all these concepts with our own smart phones. Coincidentally, my group was tasked with creating a short film related to school dropout issues. Hence, at that moment, we immediately practiced capturing several scenes outlined in the script we had prepared.


The ability to promptly implement what we learned, while receiving feedback and direct corrections, significantly enhanced our readiness and confidence in producing quality videos for our Creative Projects. I feel very happy and grateful that by participating in this Creative project class, my knowledge has increased, and my enthusiasm and eagerness to complete projects with my group members have grown.


This experience not only improved our understanding of visual arts but also provided significant benefits for the development of our projects in this creative class. Furthermore, this experience brings long-term advantages for our future activities.


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