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Special Guests to our English Club!

By: Murta, Grade 10, EBPP Pengalusan School

I am happy to join the English Club because I know this activity will help me to achieve my dream. I didn’t expect there would be something special happening in our meeting on Thursday, 30th March 2023 until the teachers brought two guests that came from far away, in France. Their names are Perrine and Santillane and they are doing internship with EBPP. I felt very lucky because I got a chance to interview them and had an enjoyable conversation with them in English.

Both of them shared a lot of stories about their life. Besides practicing my speaking skills, we also talked about Balinese and French culture. They were both very friendly and fun to talk to, so that even though I sometimes struggled with my English, they patiently helped me to improve. At the end of the activity, we played a guessing game together. It was so challenging to guess words in English based on their description.

This is the best experience for me! I’m so grateful that they were willing to come and meet the English Club members. Meeting with them has motivated me to learn English harder so that someday I could talk fluently with people from around the world.

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