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Students’ Field Trip and Student Council Election

By Siska Nurfitryani

On 8th May, our annual EMpower youth empowerment program field trip for all our Grade 8-12 students and 13 teachers, was to Tenganan Pegringsingan village and Virgin Beach in southeast Bali, for outbound activities and new Students’ Council (OSIS) leader election.

We selected Tenganan village because of its rich and unique local community life patterns, being the best example of Bali Aga Village culture (Hindu Prehistoric) following their traditions until today. Local guides took our students to explore the architecture, traditions, rituals (Megeret Pandan-red Pandanus Sparing), marriage law, and forest preservation that related to our students’ EMpower projects, such as tree planting and customary law against early child marriage (CEFM). This field trip is a great opportunity for them to learn more about other village’s traditions, especially in protecting the community and nature through their customary laws.

Next, we went to Virgin Beach, a small famous lagoon with a large grass area near the beach which is popular for picnics and outdoor activities. Our students played fun post-to-post games (prepared by teachers), with 5 posts: Spider’s-Web (strategic), Guess the Animals (knowledge), Solve the Puzzle (logic), Create from Nature (creativity) and Team Drawing (team-bonding) with students enthusiastically going from one post to another.

Finally, the Students’ Council election! All the candidates gave brief presentations before the election was conducted in the ballot box. After vote counting, Murta (Grade 10 Pengalusan) was chosen as new OSIS leader. “I am impressed to be chosen OSIS leader and happy because my friends believe in me as their new OSIS leader. I hope I can be a good leader and lead EBPP students to be better” said Murta proudly.

Students then had half an hour to enjoy playing and selfies at beach. On arriving in Ban Office, some parents were waiting to pick the students up. It was fun and educational trip for students.

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