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Students’ Reflections on Their Life Journey

Updated: Aug 30

By Siska Nurfitryani, EMpower Youth Facilitator

Last week, we had our 2nd Leadership and Communication class meeting. In this session students did self-reflection on their life such as their achievements, challenges, experiences they remember most, even griefs. Using their reflections, they also mapped their future dream.

At the start of the class, students reviewed their first Leadership meeting class about definition and types of leadership with ice breakers of singing and dancing together. In the classroom, students drew their life journey by recalling their experiences, whether good or bad ones, which changed their life. On paper, students could freely draw their map and designate each experience they went through with symbols and brief explanation.

They then broke into several teams, shared their story to their peers and explained how their experiences changed them as a person and why they remember them. Students then returned to the classroom and shared their team members’ story and insights with the class. Kastini, grade 12 Pengalusan, said, “We can see that we went through many things in our life which brought us until this point of life”. Purnami, grade 12 Manikaji, said “This session makes us more grateful for what we had and achieved”. In the recap session, students understood that they have much potential to lead their lives, the reflections helping them see the strengths and weaknesses in their leadership skills.

Finally, students rewrite their hopes in their life mapping into sticky notes and put in the wishing tree, writing their hopes for themselves, school and their family or community. Yanti, grade 10 Bunga, wrote “I hope that I can be a good leader in the future, and EBPP will be here forever to help us to reach brighter future.”

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