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Students’ Simple Wishes are EBPP Teachers’ Biggest Motivation

By: I Wayan Sumadia, EBPP History and Sociology Teacher

Teachers at EBPP schools must be ready to overcome obstacles in any situation, especially the difficult terrain of the steep dirt roads leading to four of our schools during the rainy season, exercising great caution as we manoeuvre our Kawasaki trail bikes, to ensure we deliver lessons to our students at school as scheduled.

Our students attending these schools face the same struggles, not only on the damaged dirt roads but also trekking over sandy farmland - but their enthusiasm and eagerness isn’t dampened because they realize that education is more essential than ever essential than ever nowadays! Most impressive for me is the unique and simple wishes of these children living in simple, isolated east Bali mountain homes: to make their dreams come true! That is my biggest motivation to teach.

Most students get up every day before sunrise, collecting firewood for the day and grass for their family’s livestock before going to school. It’s hard if you live in a remote village with set family routines; unlike those who live in a big city. Learning new things is a precious thing to improve their knowledge - so I frequently modify both the lesson and teaching methods to match our students’ needs.

Education is very important for students in this to build character and open up opportunities for a better future. Whatever the situation, it’s our priority to serve them better.

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