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Teachers Hopes in First Semester Examinations

By: Lina Meri, EBPP Economics teacher

After completing six months of learning in the first semester, EBPP schools hold end-of-semester assessment tests at the end of November for all students.

This assessment is not only an evaluation, but also a determinant of student progress to the next grade level. This first semester evaluation covers students’ achievements during the last half year, in both academic and non-academic aspects.

During this period, EBPP teachers guided students to hone skills, deepen understanding of subjects, and develop social and personal abilities. When carrying out the test, the students enthusiastically worked on the exam questions, showing thoroughness in their work. They view the final assessment as an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and readiness in all areas of study, not only for their own pride and satisfaction, but also for their parents who will be present when they receive their book reports.

As teachers, our hope is that all students achieve satisfactory scores in this semester test and remain enthusiastic about studying in the next semester. May they gain confidence that through education, they can change their lives for the better.

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