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The Spirit of Taking Final Exam, Hoping for University

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

By: I Made Suarjana, EBPP Education Team Coordinator

After 12 years of studying at EBPP schools, 16 students are about to graduate! After many ups and downs along the way, now is the time to take their final exams, held from 17-21 April, with 12 subjects.

Even though the exam atmosphere was tense, it didn’t dampen the students’ enthusiasm. Observed by their readiness and confidence from start to finish. “I have prepared myself well by learning from the lessons at school as well as seeking additional learning resources from the internet because I really hope to get good enough marks to continue my education at university. Now is my chance to make better changes for my family and hamlet” said Sumarati, grade 12, EBPP Darmaji student.

Many have high hopes and the spirit to continue to college/university for a better future and life, which is also the challenge and motivation for us teachers to continue to innovate, develop and stay up-to-date. Nine of our sixteen 12th Grade students plan to continue their studies at university and of the other seven, most plan to take short courses to work in hotels or abroad.

All their parents have approved their decisions and for those choosing university, we are thrilled that once again, The Shanti Foundation has offered full scholarships for EBPP students. Keep on your spirit EBPP students, you have passed the first big step, but the real challenge is waiting for you! Enthusiasm is not enough: if all of you work hard and never give up, your dreams will surely come true.

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