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Understanding Computers Through Puzzle Quizzes

Putu Eka Darmawan, EBPP Computer Teacher.


A clear understanding of information technology, especially computers, can be considered mandatory to enter the world of work today. As a computer teacher, I continue to strive to motivate and inspire students to have a passion in learning how to use computers.


One of my methods to motivate students to stay energized in computer lessons is to give them frequent puzzle quizzes, where they are required to solve puzzles or questions that have answers in the form of certain keywords or concepts, for example: "I am a device that stores data permanently, even when the power is turned off. I can store operating systems, software programs, and personal files. What am I?" and the answer to this question is "hard drive".


In computer lessons, puzzle quizzes can be an engaging and interactive way to test students' understanding of basic concepts or important information in the field of information technology. Using quizzes, I hope to increase students' engagement in computer lessons, test their understanding of the material I provide, and improve their creative thinking skills – to prepare them for the world of work!



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