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Weekly Physiotherapy for Persons with Disability

By Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

On Thursday 15 June, we continued our weekly physiotherapy mobile clinic program facilitated by YPK Bali, providing regular therapy services for children and adults with disability, since 2012. So far this year 8 children and 28 adults with disability from Ban and the adjacent Tianyar and Sukadana villages have registered and benefitted from this program, which provides the only accessible physiotherapy services in the region.

YPK expert therapists support each client to perform movement and muscle function exercises, tailored to their specific disability, carried out in stages according to the development of each client and monitored regularly by the therapist. Children with disabilities are accompanied by their parents who support the training, and most importantly, learn how to continue simple exercises at home to maintain their child’s improvements. The therapist also advises parents regarding basic daily care to improve their child’s health.

This program provides so many benefits for persons with disabilities and the families, giving them the opportunity to improve their wellbeing and reach the highest possible level of health.

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