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Without You, I cannot continue my education

By Nyoman Kartya, EBPP Manikaji School Headmaster

Gede, a student at Manikaji School, faces a challenging life. He lives with his grandfather and cousin because his parents are divorced, and his father works as a sand truck driver outside the city, while his mother earns a living through household work. Gede's life became more complicated after his grandmother passed away one and a half years ago, and his grandfather, who is over 80, can only engage in light activities, such as gathering cashew nuts to sell.

Despite these difficult circumstances, Gede remains enthusiastic in pursuing knowledge. Every day after school, he helps his grandfather by collecting cashew nuts, cooking, doing laundry, and assisting his cousin with studies. Despite the challenging conditions, Gede is diligent, disciplined, and smartly dressed, rarely receiving reprimands from teachers at school.

Fortunately, EBPP school provides hope for Gede. Thanks to generous donors, Gede can continue his education currently in 10th grade. In addition to academic achievements, Gede is also skilled in traditional Balinese arts such as Genjek and Janger (Balinese traditional music art), often presented at specific events.

Gede strives to be a role model for his younger siblings in elementary and middle school. Despite lacking parental affection and attention, his enthusiasm for education inspires many children to persevere to improve their futures.

If not for the generosity of donors who support Manikaji School, many children would not have the opportunity to attend school.

Please support our students like Gede to continue their education by donating during GivingTuesday, 28 November, and GlobalGiving has $1,200,000 in Incentive Funds that will be distributed proportionately based on total funds raised by all the participating NGOs.:

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