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Being a Teacher is My Best Experience!

By: Ni Kadek Lina Meri Santika, EBPP Economics, and Civics Teacher

I’ve had a wonderful experience since I joined EBPP as a Civics and Economics teacher for senior high students in January 2022.

There are differences and precious experiences when teaching in four EBPP schools such as the difference in students’ backgrounds and learning, finding that some students are smart but shy or less confident; there are students who are hyperactive but have less motivation when given assignments; and there is also a student with very high motivation in learning and very active in class.

Such differences in our students’ backgrounds learning challenge me as a teacher, especially at senior high levels. I have to overcome it by creating an appropriate teaching method so that all students can enjoy learning comfortably. Fortunately, I learn and get the solutions directly during the teaching and learning process spontaneously. For example, as a solution for smart but shy students, I give them the opportunity to provide more understanding and communication sessions for discussing material or assignments so that the shy student can be more confident. Then for the student who is hyperactive but has less motivation when given assignments, I put them in group assignments that can be done together to improve the students’ motivation in doing the assignment.

As a new teacher, I always pay attention to students’ learning styles so that I can keep improving my teaching method to be better and more comfortable for all students.

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