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Benefits of Introducing Rounders to Students

By: I Ketut Madya, EBPP Sport Teacher.

As a sport teacher at EBPP, my goal is not only to promote physical health, fitness and skills among students but also to support their mental health, social development, and character building. In line with this, I have introduced the game of Rounders to the students, an English game started in 16th century – and introduced to the USA by early English immigrants, which then inspired the game of Baseball the modern and popular sport in the United States, Japan, South Korea, and many other countries.

In this game, I divide the students into two teams: the batting team and the defending team. The rules are that the batting team must score as many points as possible by running around the bases after hitting the ball, while the defending team tries to get the players out and limit the number of runs scored by the opponents. Before starting the game, I explain the rules and important terms such as home run, strike, and ball. Then, I provide the students with the necessary equipment, including the ball and simple wooden bat.

By introducing this game, I hope the students will improve their motor skills, foster teamwork, and enhance sportsmanship. Additionally, this game offers entertainment during physical education classes and helps reduce stress among the students.

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