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By: I Wayan Sumadia, Principal of EBPP Jatituhu school

School plays a pivotal role in not only expanding knowledge but also fostering students’ skills development. Embracing presentation-based learning methods emerges as a powerful tool for nurturing robust communication skills, enhancing research capabilities, boosting creativity, and refining organizational aptitude. These skills are indispensable for conquering the fear of public speaking, building self-assurance, and being ready for success in the real world.

The incorporation of presentation-based learning into subjects like history and sociology, often perceived as monotonous, is an efficient approach. This method empowers students to actively participate, express themselves, and delve deeper into the subject matter. Remarkably, it brings about transformative changes in formerly passive students. As they become accustomed to presenting and discussing in front of their peers, their confidence soars, and they become more engaged in the learning process.

In summary, presentation-based learning serves as a dynamic catalyst for students’ holistic development. It empowers them with vital skills, transforming them into confident, articulate individuals ready to thrive in the ever-evolving world beyond the classroom.

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