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Email: A Vital Tool in the Digital Era

Putu Eka Darmawan, EBPP Computer teacher

Email remains one of the most indispensable communication tools in the digital era. In addition to its efficiency, email also offers tremendous flexibility with easy access from various devices such as computers, phones, and tablets. Its ability to store notes, information, and documents digitally is highly advantageous for modern day students and workers.

Although the use of email has become the most common online communication tool in the modern world, many EBPP students are still unfamiliar with its use. Therefore, I am committed to teaching students how to use email and appreciate its benefits. In this learning process, I chose to introduce Gmail, a highly popular email platform worldwide. I explained key Gmail features such as filters, labels, and organized inboxes, providing a solid understanding of effective usage.

To deepen their understanding, I implemented the "inbox simulation" method. Students were given roles or scenarios to prepare them for their future, whether further education or workplace, such as being a student wanting to contact a professor or an employee wanting to send an email to a coworker. They were asked to write emails according to their roles, then share their emails with classmates to receive constructive feedback. This approach not only trains practical skills but also enhances their understanding of email usage in real-life situations.

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