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Hands-on Approach in Learning Space Building with Models

Ponirin, Mathematics teacher

Space building is one of the fundamental and important topics in mathematics education. In this learning process, we delve into three-dimensional objects that have volume, surface area, and their geometric properties. The key concepts covered in space building lessons include definitions, characteristics, volume, surface area, as well as classification and identification of space building.

As part of an academic project in mathematics education, I implemented the method of space building model-making activities. This process involves several structured and directed steps. The first step is to select the space building that student will model. Next, they plan the design of the space building they want to create and prepare the materials needed for model making.

After these initial steps, students proceed to the stage of measuring and cutting materials, as well as assembling and combining the model. In the final stage, they can present the models they have created to their classmates and discuss the geometric aspects of the space building.

This method of space building model-making activities has several benefits. In addition to reinforcing understanding of mathematical concepts, this activity also hones fine motor skills and fosters creativity in students. By involving students directly in the learning process, this method can enhance their engagement and comprehension of the subject matter.

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