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Embracing Traditional Stories Assists Balinese Language Learning

I Wayan Suteja, Balinese Language teacher.

Traditional stories are not only interesting reading materials for children, but they also provide fascinating insights into events or myths from the past. More than just entertainment, these stories encapsulate valuable moral lessons for their readers. What's more, traditional stories have the ability to build knowledge and cultivate a love for local culture.

In my teaching approach, I utilize traditional stories as learning materials that enable students to summarize their favourite stories and translate them into Balinese language. Afterwards, they present them in front of the class. An interesting example is the legend of "Kebo Iwa: The Origin of Lake Batur," which remains a tourist attraction for visitors to Bali to this day. I hope this presentation method will develop students' speaking skills and deepen their understanding of culture, particularly Balinese culture.

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