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Continuing to Fight Malnutrition in East Bali

Updated: Apr 5

Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

EBPP is deeply committed to addressing malnutrition among children in Ban Village, an isolated mountainous region, home to 4,000 families in 19 customary villages scattered over 7,200 Ha on the steep and dry Mounts Agung and Abang slopes in East Bali. While we continue striving to prevent malnutrition from occurring in babies, we also handle cases of child malnutrition that we find by working with their families through our intensive nutrition improvement programs.


Througout March, our field team conducted a pre-assessment survey on registered malnourished children, gathering data on their eating habits, health history, and other factors contributing to malnutrition. The survey revealed that poor diet, frequent illness, and poverty were the primary causes of malnutrition among these children, highlighting the challenges faced by families in providing sufficient nutritious food.


Based on these findings, we are preparing our next intensive malnutrition treatment program that we will start in April. This program includes a family assistance program through regular home visits, offering comprehensive nutrition education and counselling to improve nutrition. Additionally, we will also provide nutritious food packages and specialized milk to treat malnutrition in children.

We want to acknowledge the support of our current donor, Velina Velikova from USA, for enabling us to assist these malnourished children. We appeal for continued support to ensure the success of this program and provide the best possible outcomes for the children of Ban Village.

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