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EBPP Students Shine at District-level Sports Competition

By: Kt Madia, EBPP Sports Teacher

The annual district-level Sports competition, held from 31 October to 1 November at the Kubu sports ground, was a magnificent platform for 7 EBPP students to showcase their energy and enthusiasm in a range of competitive sports. In the boys’ track events, Pengalusan School’s Murta did well in the 5 km race, followed by Surata in the 100-meter race. Even though they did not get podium places, they were exceptional and made EBPP proud!

In the girls’ Chess competition, we were thrilled when Mariani from Bunga School took 2nd place, and more remarkable was the achievement by Jatituhu School’s Sewi from Jatituhu School, who came 2nd in the Shot-Put competition! These achievements highlighted the diverse talents among EBPP students, enabling them to excel in various sports disciplines.

The district-level Sports was not just about competition; it served as a platform to nurture and facilitate students' talents and interests. It provided them with an opportunity to grow and develop, not only in sports but also in personal development. The accomplishments of EBPP students were the result of their hard work, discipline, and sportsmanship spirit. All these achievements will serve as a strong foundation for a bright future in the world of sports.

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