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EBPP Teachers’ Struggles in the Dry Season

By: Ponirin, EBPP mathematics teacher

Teachers in the EBPP working area, nestled between Mount Agung and Mount Abang, face significant challenges in providing quality education to their students. Despite the summer bringing dust and potholed roads, these teachers persistently pursue their mission. Small accidents during the journey to school are common, but they do not dampen their spirits. Instead, they serve as tangible proof of their dedication to providing a worthy education. Students in this village sometimes wonder why individuals from outside the village are willing to teach in their challenging environment. Nevertheless, they welcome education with grateful smiles.

Although damaged roads and thick dust prevail, the happiness of students receiving education from these teachers holds greater significance. They eagerly participate in lessons, engage in extracurricular activities, and balance school with their responsibilities at home. The smiles and enthusiasm of these students inspire the teachers. Gratitude is extended to donors who have assisted in providing educational facilities. Despite difficult terrain and challenges at every turn, teachers in EBPP remain determined to provide the best education for their students. Their dedication shines brightly in the world of education.

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